10 “Best Bets” Smart Investors Are Making Right Now For The Future

Remember when smarthphones were slower than computers, every house had Cable TV, and eBay was the hippest way to buy stuff on line?

Imagine investing in Google in the early 2000’s, or Coca-Cola when it was just a small company in Atlanta, or in Disney right before Micky Mouse was created…right now is your chance to do just that!

Here are 11 “best bets” proven investors are making today because of their explosive potential for 2018 and beyond.


1). “Freedom Checks” Will Make Social Security Feel Like Pocket Change (Must Sign Up By April 1st.)

Right now, we are about to see the largest cash grab in American History. An unprecedented $34.6 billion will hand out ginormous checks to thousands of Americans all over the country. And best of all is how easy it is to qualify; you just have to be an American tax payer — that’s it! These checks will be as high $24,705, $66,570, some people will even receive checks for a staggering $160,923. It doesn’t matter your age, net worth, or income; anyone can start collecting these checks with at little as $10, and here’s why they must be positioned for payouts no later than April 1st.


2). Cyber Crime Is At An All-Time High & It’s Only To Get Worse

Just last year alone, $400 billion was lost to cybercrime. And that number is expected to skyrocket to $6 TRILLION by 2021. The situation is so dire, the Director Of National Intelligence has stated, “Cybercrime has surpassed terrorism as the no.1 threat facing our Nation.” However, all hope is not lost. A revolutionary tech start up based out Massachussets has developed a technological breakthrough that may put an end to these heinous attacks once and for all. And this (now publicly traded) company is looking for investors. Experts predict this company to start yielding substantial profits soon. Click “Learn More” to watch this video for details.


3). Every Household In America (& Then The World) Will Have This Device In Their Home By 2020

50 billion of these devices will be in American homes by 2020 — it is predicted to drive the next consumer product revolution. Not only that, this one tiny device is initiating a wave of high-tech innovation and technological change that it will transform the way every American household lives. The American Economy has been waiting for this, and it’s impact will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Watch this video to learn more.


4). Secret “Kentucky Account” Legislation Will Help Average Americans Reap Thousands

For over 60 years, America’s ultra rich have been reaping huge returns from a piece of “little known” legislation president Kennedy signed into law secretly. Today, one man, JL Yastine, is revealing why everyday, Average Americans don’t know about this retirement investment “breakthrough” and shows how any Average American can finally take advantage of this amazing, life changing, and legal retirement savings method.


5). Ex Wall-St Lawyer Reveals His “Options Trading” Method That Works Nearly 9 Times Out Of 10

Jim Fink is a former Wall St. attorney who put down his lawyer’s briefcase and started buying stocks like crazy, learning from some of the nation’s best brokers. He got so good, he turned $50,000 into $5 million using a low risk options trading strategy he developed. Furthermore, Jim has a 84.68% accuracy rate on his trades. Right now, for a very limited time, Jim is giving public access to the trades he will make in 2018. If you want to make low risk bets with the potential for explosive gains, you’ll want to watch this exclusive video now.


6). How 501(k) Plans Help People Retire Years Ahead Of Schedule

The man who changed the lives of millions Americans by ushering in 401(k)s today has revealed that the bulk of is retirement is a secret “501(k)” account. In fact, 54 US Congressmen have admitted to also using these “secret savings accounts” that deliver up to 60 times more interest than any other type of method. What’s most surprising is that these 501(k) accounts are available to all AMERICANS. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start using these 501(k) accounts to beef up your retirement fund, and even retire years ahead of schedule with this FREE hardcover book available for a limited time.


7). Protect Your Money Right Now Before The Next 2008 Hits

The 2008 financial crisis was only a preview of what’s to come. Right now, forces are coalescing beneath the surface that will make the Great Recession seem like a cakewalk. Today, policy makers and influencers have a terrifying plan for your money that is too shocking to believe. If you have a single dollar to your name, if you have money in a stock brokerage or a 401(k) account, if you get direct deposit payments to your account from Social Security or a pension, this new crisis will directly affect you. This all-new, FREE Book outlines this secret government plan to threaten your money and what you can do today to protect money, your retirement fund, and your family.


8). Why You Should Buy Gold ASAP In 2018

Are you prepared for the Dollar to crash? Seems impossible, but we came close in 2008. Currency crashes in Argentina in 2002, Russia in 2014, and Iceland in 2008-2011 have only proven the fragility of government issued  money. In the event of the Dollar plummeting — with the way the world is right now, it’s a matter of ‘when’ — Gold is the No.1 asset that protects your wealth and purchasing power, and well being. In fact, those who hold Gold during economic crises (and we may be due for another one) see their wealth explode. An all-new, FREE book reveals the best way to buy Gold right now to prepare for the coming collapse.


9). Man Who Correctly Predicted 2008 Economic Crash & Trump Presidency Makes Shocking Revelation

A government insider has recently revealed that world elites are about to attack the president in a Globalist plot to undermine his administration. This calculated plan will mess with America’s financial plumbing. Retirees and those near retirement will be the most drastically affected. Sounds like a bunch of malarky right? It’s not — this government and finance expert was able to predict the crash of the housing market in 2008 and the election of President Donald Trump when all the other “mainstream” experts stated otherwise. Today, this former advisor to the CIA, Pentagon, and Treasury and featured contributor to CNBC, Fox, & Bloomberg is sharing how this event will take place and how to position your self right now to make HUGE gains.


10). The Reboot Of The US Dollar Will Make Huge Gains For Those Holding This (1) Key Asset

Rumors are swirling around Washington right now that President Donald Trump will very soon reboot the Dollar. Some insiders are even saying that it might be as soon as May 2nd, 2018. This will be a total reboot of the US dollar. A move that will completely rewrite America’s money rules. And potentially make positioned insiders in one particular investment (not gold) as much as 11 times their money. But time is running very short. A government insider uniquely positioned in the middle of this coming financial event is sharing his secrets on how to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime BIG MONEY opportunity.