10 “Future Bets” Smart Investors w/ $100 Are Making Right Now

Just a few years ago smartphones were slower than desktops, cable T.V. was in every home, and online shopping took 4-7 days to reach your door.

Imagine investing Apple before the iPod, Netflix while they mailed movies, or Amazon pre-Prime… this is your next chance to do that.

Here are 11 of the best market trends that proven investors are going long on for 2018.

1). “Freedom Checks” Will DWARF Social Security (Must Enroll by May 1st)

Today you have the rare opportunity to position yourself ahead of the biggest cash grab in U.S. history. A massive $34.6 billion payout will hand out huge checks to 1000’s of Americans. And the best part is, any American taxpayer can get these checks. These checks will be as high as $24,075…66, 570… and even $160,923! Anyone – regardless of age, income or net worth – can start collecting these checks with as little as $10, and why they must be positioned for payouts no later than May 1st.


2). 60-Year Old “Kennedy Account” Loophole Is Turning Average Americans Into Millionaires 

Emmy-nominated reporter Jeff Yastine shook up the financial world when he released a controversial video exposing how “a small group of Main Street Americans are reaping massive stock market windfalls.” Now Jeff would be the first to tell you nothing in the market is guaranteed, but the potential in his findings are astonishing. “Think of them like a 401(k) without the restrictions,” says Jeff, “And with the chance to make 511 times the profit!”


3). This Device Will Be In Every Household By 2020

This device is predicted to drive the next consumer product revolution with up to 50 Billion devices made in the next few years. Think this is crazy? This wave of innovation is taking high-tech to the everyday household and it’s what the American economy has been waiting for. Watch video to learn more.


4). Put More Cash in Your Pocket by Signing Up for Patriot Checks

The average social security benefit is currently not enough to retire comfortably. But thanks to the new Tax law, more than $2.6 trillion could be “freed up” to double and even triple your income. According to The Wall Street Journal, $2.6 trillion in cash could be distributed in 2018. And there are no special requirements to subscribe! You can click on the link below to learn more about it.


5). Cyber Crime Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better

New studies show $400 billion is lost to cybercrime and some experts predict it could rise to SIX TRILLION annually by 2021. The Director of National Intelligence has said “Cybercrime has surpassed terrorism as the No.1 threat facing our nation…” Luckily, a tiny Massachusetts-based company may have a way to thwart these vicious attacks once and for all. And this company – now publicly traded – is looking for investors. And this company is poised to reap the profits. Click to watch video for details.


6). Generate Effortless Income by Learning These 47 Income Secrets

For those about to retire, this may be the best way to increase your income. According to financial experts, only 2% of Americans are taking advantage of these simple income strategies. For example, there is a single word you can effectively put on your Social Security application to increase your benefits by as much as $570 per month! You can subscribe to Zach Scheidt today to receive a free copy of his book.


7). This Company Will Release Unheard of Amounts of Energy From The Earth

This energy is so expansive and untouched, the Earth Policy Institute recently reported that there’s “50,000 times more [of this] energy contained in the first six miles of the Earth’s crust than in all the planet’s oil and natural gas resources.” This new briefing outlines the incredible investing potential in this untouched resource and the Midwestern company that’s uniquely positioned to be at the center of energy revolution. If you were to make only one energy investment in the next decade, make it this.


8). Millions Will Invest in Start Ups Like the 1% Do

Ever wonder how the 1% got to be the 1%? One man from Pittsburgh cracked that very secret when he went from flat broke to $100+ Million. Sound ridiculous? We thought so too, but he discovered an investing system that only the 1% have used and is sharing how he made every dime.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “This [system] blows open the doors to investing.” And Forbes says that “this new innovation “changes everything.” The best part? You don’t have to risk a single dollar in the stock market. Watch this video to learn more.


9). Don’t Buy Options in 2018 – Do This Instead

Jim Fink is a former lawyer who turned $50,000 into $5.3 Million using a low risk options trading strategy he developed. He has a verified 84.68% accuracy rate on his trades. For a limited time Jim is giving the public access to what trades he will make in 2018. If you’re into low risk hedged bets with high upside, you’ll want to hear what Jim has to say.


10). Sci-Fi Alert: “Wifi Electricity” Is About to Become Mainstream

A tiny Silicon Valley tech company recently revealed they have received FCC approval for a revolutionary device that according to the Washington Times: “Will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.”  According to Allied Market Research, the market for this technology could hit $37.2 billion in the next few years alone.


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