Dear Fellow American,

Do you ever feel—despite the supposed economic “recovery” of recent years—that something in America is still not quite right?

If so, you are not alone.

After all, how can things be “OK” when nearly half the men ages 18-34 now live with their parents—the highest level since the Great Depression?

How can it be “normal” when in one of America’s richest cities (Seattle) there are now 400 unauthorized homeless camps under bridges and along freeway medians?

How can it be a “recovery” when 78% of the U.S. population now lives paycheck to paycheck, with essentially zero savings?

How can you explain things like the dramatic rise of the militant left-wing group ‘Antifa’… the resurgence of White Supremacists… and the booming popularity of the Democratic Socialists—they’ve doubled membership in recent months.

Sure, some people—CEOs, tech entrepreneurs, and other members of the “1%”—are doing great. There’s never been a better time for wealthy Americans. But the truth is, for most people, the situation is getting much, much worse.

Today I want to share a few facts our politicians are afraid to tell you—including the secret reason why working class Americans have gotten dramatically poorer over the past 40 years.

I’ve never seen this information published anywhere else. It’s a secret that explains why the rich are really getting so much richer—while everyone else is falling behind.

Once you understand this secret, you’ll see why, for millions of Americans, a crisis is coming.

This secret I’m going to share with you protects the very rich and powerful. So they’ll never reveal it.

But I’m going to explain it as clearly and simply as possible right now…

Hi, my name is Porter Stansberry.

You may not know me, but nearly 20 years ago, I started a financial research and education business called Stansberry Research.

Today we have offices in the U.S., Hong Kong, and Singapore. We serve more than half a million paid customers in virtually every country (172 at last count). We have nearly 500 employees, including dozens of financial analysts, corporate attorneys, accountants, technology experts, former hedge fund managers, and even a medical doctor.

But what really sets us apart in the financial industry is our independence. We don’t accept advertising. And we don’t manage money.

So we’re not hamstrung like major newspapers who can’t offend advertisers. And we’re not beholden to politicians for financial licenses. We operate under the protection of the First Amendment—so we can afford to be brutally honest about whatever is most important to our subscribers.

Today I’m contacting you with a serious warning: We’ve hit a serious tipping point in America.

Our nation, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, has become a financial, cultural, and demographic pressure cooker.

You’ve seen it in the riots and protests in Charlottesville, Ferguson, Milwaukee, and Baltimore.

You’ve seen it in mass shootings… the attacks on college campuses… the arguments about immigration… and the refusal of NFL players to stand for the national anthem.

These uprisings and protests may be nominally about race.

Or Donald Trump. Or police brutality.

But what they’re really about, underneath it all, is money… and hopelessness.

Now, you might hear the mainstream press and politicians talking about “wealth inequality” when referencing our country’s social problems and political polarization.

But what they don’t tell you is that the growing disparity between rich and poor in America is a symptom of our problem… not the root cause.

Yes, today the richest 10% of America owns 75% of the nation’s wealth… a level we have not seen since the 1930s. Just look at the chart below…

So what’s the real problem then?

Well, it isn’t that a small number of Americans have done well. The real problem is how they’ve done well. And I’m going to explain this secret to you in just a minute: How the tremendous gains in wealth for the few have come directly at the expense of most working-class folks.

This is what’s driving the anger, the radical politics, and the growing racism in our society.

You see, while the rich are getting richer, everyone else is losing ground. Look at this chart, which shows how for most Americans, real wages have been stagnant or falling for decades…

The middle class—the most politically and economically stable part of our society—is disappearing.

The foundation of the middle class in America was a long history of consistently rising wages. For millions of Americans, life got a little better, year after year, as the value of their wages increased and our economy grew into the world’s largest.

But this is no longer happening. Low income earners now make LESS in real terms than they did in 1980! And middle income earners make just 6% more than they made back in 1980. That’s an increase of just 0.00172% a year!

Can you imagine your boss telling you for 34 straight years that you’re never getting more than a 0.00172% raise each year?

No wonder people are so angry and stressed.

They’ve been going to work, year after year, but instead of earning more over time, they’ve actually been earning less, in terms of what their wages can buy.

Despite the boom in the U.S. economy and financial assets over the past 30 years—which boosted the wealth and incomes of the wealthiest Americans like never before—average Americans are actually worse off than they were decades ago.

And so, they’ve been forced to borrow more and more money simply to keep up.

You can see that in the data—and I’ll show it to you below.

But I bet you don’t even need to see the data. Just think about your friends and people you know, and how much more debt these folks have to take on, just to keep their heads above water.

It used to be that most Americans didn’t hold debt, outside of a mortgage on their first home. But after almost 40 years of declining real wages, Americans now have to go into serious amounts of debt for just about everything they buy.

Americans now have more than $1.5 trillion in college debt, for example. Look at this incredible chart…

And it’s not just college loans that have soared.

Americans also have more than $1 trillion in credit card debt, and more than $1 trillion in auto loan debt—all record highs.

It’s gotten so bad, 73% of Americans now die with debt… with an average total of more than $60,000!

Being in debt is an incredibly stressful way to live. You’re in a hole and there is simply no way out. So it’s no surprise that deaths by drugs and poisoning for the bottom 60% of American’s population have doubled since the year 2000… and suicide rates have doubled as well over the same period.

This is incredibly sad—and it’s unfathomable that this is happening in the greatest country on earth.

Unfortunately, the problem is going to get much, much worse.

You see, tens of millions of people in America are desperate. They have no way out. And sooner or later this hopelessness and desperation are going to lead to violent and radical politics.

And this enormous political powder keg is leading to THE biggest political event our country has seen in decades. I’ll explain exactly what’s going to play out in just a second.

But first, like I promised above…

I want to explain the secret reason why investors and the rich have become so much richer… while so many Americans have become trapped in a cycle of poverty…

The underlying economic problem in America today is that money no longer flows to everyone equally in the way that it used to.

That much is obvious, right? As our country has gotten richer than ever… the income disparity widens every year.

But most Americans don’t understand why this is happening.

And here’s the secret:

The real underlying cause of our wealth and income disparity in America is that wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity.

I know that sounds like economic doublespeak, but please stick with me…

If you can grasp this concept, you will be way ahead of 99% of the population, and it will help you make a heck of a lot of money and avoid enormous losses.

So let me explain what it means. It’s not complicated…

You see, back in the early part of the 20th century, economic gains were shared by both owners and workers.

Think about Henry Ford.

He got rich making the automobile affordable with the assembly line—a huge increase in productivity. And these gains in productivity flowed directly to Ford’s employees. Ford made headlines across the nation when he more than doubled his minimum pay, overnight, in 1914.

But that doesn’t happen anymore. Real wages have declined for most Americans, despite huge gains in productivity over the last several decades.

Look at this chart based on research from the Economic Policy Institute, which shows this problem clearly…

 What’s going on here?

It’s not that computers are destroying our jobs. Or that we’ve moved jobs overseas.

As you can see, back in Henry Ford’s days and decades after, productivity—a measure of how efficient we are at producing goods and services—and income gains moved hand in hand.

But then, something happened. As the Economic Policy Institute States:

You’ll notice that the divergence begins around 1971… the year President Nixon removed the U.S. dollar from gold.

Why is this important?

Because paper money printed out of thin air doesn’t transmit gains in productivity like real, sound money should.

When money is sound and reliable, it doesn’t lose value over time. In fact, quite the opposite—it buys more and more, because of increases in productivity and efficiency.

But the link between productivity and wages was permanently changed in the early 1970s when Nixon forever broke the link between our dollar and gold.

As a result, today our monetary system isn’t sound or reliable.

Our politicians monkey around with the money supply constantly. They increase the amount of money by huge amounts, in response to demands from powerful groups—especially banks.

As a result, the things you need to live a regular life—such as gasoline, milk, housing, and medical care—constantly get more expensive. These prices go up, year after year, even when wages don’t.

In other words, even though there’s been an enormous amount of wealth created by our economy (look at all the huge new houses, condos, skyscrapers… and electronic cars), life for average Americans hasn’t improved one bit. The average worker has gotten poorer.

Again: That’s not because our economy hasn’t gotten better.

Our economy has boomed through enormous increases in productivity—technologies like personal computers, cell phones, the Internet, RFID tags (for inventory control), gene sequencing, GPS, and fantastic increases to fuel efficiency.

You can see these gains in your everyday life.

But… on the other hand… everything you need to live and prosper—from food to housing, healthcare to cars and education—has gotten way, way more expensive.

Look at the price of a new Ford F-150 pickup truck, for example. It’s the best-selling vehicle in America and has been for decades.

In 1969, a new truck was $2,500. But today a new F-150 costs about $30,000 for the base model. For an F-150 you’d actually want to drive, the cost is about $45,000. That’s almost an entire year of after-tax wages for the average worker!

This all means some folks in America are doing great…

Look at the huge increase in the number of American billionaires. Look at how many more planes Boeing is selling… at the cars Ford and GM are selling all over the world… at the way our entertainment industry dominates movies around the world, and at the way our tech firms (Apple, Google, Facebook) rule the Internet.

That’s been great for investors and for tech-savvy engineers.

But what about the average American?

These terrific gains haven’t impacted most wage earners because the gains in productivity and technology didn’t flow through our entire economy the way they should… the way they used to.

These gains in productivity, especially the improvements in technology, should have made our currency much stronger… and should have made everything you buy—from Ford trucks to milk—much cheaper.

But that’s not what happened, as you know.

Instead, the cost of just about everything has always gone up. Way up.

That’s because, no matter how big the gains in productivity are, the government—politicians and their minions at the Federal Reserve—have always created more money.

Sometimes they do it by creating a lot of new credit. And sometimes by simply printing trillions of new dollars out of thin air.

All of this new money ALWAYS causes prices to rise more than productivity.

And this is the big secret the corporate executives and politicians hope you never understand.

Because wages are no longer connected to gains in productivity… Over time… there’s nothing the average American can do to stay ahead of inflation.

So most Americans have been forced to borrow—in a way that is unprecedented in our history…

U.S. consumers now have nearly $13 trillion in total debt… the highest total ever, even more than was owed right before the crash in 2007… in order to pay for food, housing, cars, education, healthcare, and other basic expenses.

We owe a trillion dollars on our credit cards—which often have interest rates as high as 28%! We’ve borrowed a trillion dollars to buy new cars—which plummet in value the minute you drive off the lot. And we’ve racked up about $1.5 trillion for college education with dubious worth.

The debt load for the working poor has nearly quadrupled in the past 20 years as a percentage of their income. And this debt can never, ever be repaid.

It’s this system that dooms every average worker to poverty. And almost guarantees that the rich and the powerful will stay that way.

Simply working harder—or working smarter—isn’t benefiting employees anymore. On the other hand, Americans who own assets and businesses have seen their wealth soar over the last 40 years.

And so we are left with the biggest income and wealth disparity in America in nearly 100 years.

For those who have taken on these incredible new debt loads, it’s a very stressful way to live. So many Americans today are in a hole. They are extremely stressed out, and there is no way out.

And herein lies the problem.

This group is growing, and this stress and anger is building… ultimately fueling many of today’s biggest issues…

The next big crisis is already underway…

It’s why you see people rioting in Charlottesville, Virginia…

It’s why you see massive increases in violence and desperation in cities like Baltimore and Chicago…

It’s why you see more and more radicalized politics—like resurgent neo-Nazi groups and the rise of Black Lives Matter…

It’s why you see the tearing down of historic statues, and why according to a recent Harvard study, more than 50% of young people no longer believe in capitalism!

It’s why we now have the highest-ever percentage of people on food stamps—double the historical rate.

It’s why in some states, nearly 10% of working age adults receive disability payments!

Remember: These uprisings and protests may be nominally about race, or Donald Trump, police brutality, or immigration.

But what they’re really all about is money, debt, and economics.

And that’s why we will soon see a dramatic political and economic event, the likes of which we haven’t seen in nearly 50 years…

Very soon, millions of Americans will be calling for the government to “do something.”

Specifically, they’ll be calling for a clean slate… to wipe out their debts and “reset” the financial system.

The crowds will cheer and march like never before. The violence will escalate. Our politicians will promise this reset of the financial system as a way to a “new and better prosperity.”

And while it might sound like good news to those who have gotten in over their head—what will really happen is a national nightmare.

You see, this idea of erasing debts to reset the financial system is not new. In fact, in the Bible, it’s referred to as a “Jubilee.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it comes from The Old Testament, the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 25.

A Jubilee in the Jewish tradition was said to occur roughly every 50 years.

It was a time for total forgiveness of debt, the freeing of slaves, and the returning of lands. Pope Boniface VIII proclaimed the first Christian Jubilee in 1300.

Since then, it’s been used dozens of times, when anger among a population hits extreme levels, typically because of an explosive divide between the wealthy and the working class.

And very soon, millions will be calling for a new Debt Jubilee here in America.

Believe it or not, many are already doing so…

Folks like Carla Reinhart of Harvard University and Stephen Roach of Yale have advocated for a Debt Jubilee in one form or another. So have financial pundits Barry Ritholtz and Chris Whalen.

In Congress, more than a half-dozen Jubilee-style laws have been proposed, by folks such as Rep. Kathy Castor and Senator Bill Nelson from Florida.

And many of the most powerful left-wing economic “experts” are calling for a Debt Jubilee by name…

A Jubilee—which wipes the slate clean for millions of the most indebted Americans and “resets” the financial system—is inevitable.

And mark my words:

This trend will accelerate. The idea of a Debt Jubilee will become THE leading political issue in the months to come.

Today, for millions of Americans, there’s no more powerful political promise than a Debt Jubilee. Politicians will soon be promising it all…

I will wipe out your debts.
I will allow you to start fresh.
I will reward all of your bad decisions.
I will solve America’s massive income inequality.

Who will pay for it?

You guessed it…

You, me, and millions of Americans with pensions, retirement accounts, and other types of savings.

Just as in the past, the folks in Washington will disguise this Jubilee under a different name.

They might call it a “National Restoration” or “Patriotic Solvency.”

They’ll pass an “Act” like they did in 1841… or invoke an Executive Order as was done in 1933 (Executive Order #6102)… or simply issue a mandate to the Secretary of the Treasury (which they did in 1971).

But it all means the same thing. The Jubilee will redistribute trillions of dollars from those who have invested and saved… to those who can no longer pay their debts.

So what does a Jubilee look like in the real world… how will it unfold in America… and what will it mean for you, your money, and your retirement?

Well, why my research team and I have done more work on this subject than anyone else in the financial industry—and we’ve just finished what could become the most important book in America over the next few years.

It’s called: The American Jubilee, and it explains much more about America’s biggest problem today… and what you MUST do to survive and prosper in the years to come.

Today I’d like to send you a hardback copy of our new 266-page book for 60% off the regular price others will pay.

You see, I’ve been studying these ideas for more than 20 years, and I’ve been one of the lucky Americans.

My parents weren’t rich. We were middle class, and lived in a modest house. We had a mortgage. But, my dad worked for Coca-Cola. And the company had an employee stock program. My dad was wise enough to buy as much stock as they would let him… for years and years.

As our country experienced a financial boom, my family benefitted because we were part of the “asset owners” and not just the wage earners.

That was very lucky. And it led to wealth for my parents: a second home in the mountains, travel, and college for my siblings and me.

That experience planted a seed in me.

I remember my dad checking the price of Coke stock every morning in the early 1980s. I remember thinking how incredible it was that through the stock market you could become an owner of almost any kind of business in the world, and how making the right decisions with your money could dramatically transform your life.

And so I’ve spent my entire adult life helping people all around the world understand how investing works… the benefits, the pitfalls… and exactly what to buy and what to avoid.

I started my investment research firm in 1999, during the last big investment mania (Internet stocks.) I helped investors profit… and get them out before the crash.

And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do again today.

What’s coming next in our country will be a lot worse than the tech crash. It will be a lot worse than the mortgage crisis too. And I can tell you that no matter how sound your financial footing, this is the most important issue facing you and your money today.

That’s why we just put together our brand-new book: The American Jubilee. It’s a compilation of our best research and recommendations on this subject—and it’s not available in any bookstore. (If we decide to sell it on Amazon, the price will be nearly 3-times what you’ll pay today.)

This book explains in great detail how we got to where we are today. It explains the history of financial Jubilees in America and elsewhere around the world.

And most importantly, it explains everything you need to know and what to do to prepare for the first Jubilee in our country in nearly 50 years.

You see, around the world today, the idea of a Jubilee has become the de facto solution for extreme financial problems… when debts can’t be repaid.

Iceland used a Jubilee to restructure mortgages that were underwater. Croatia used a Jubilee in 2015 to wipe out millions in consumer debt. Japan is doing the same right now with nearly half its national debt.

President Trump has suggested a Debt Jubilee for all of Puerto Rico’s bond debt after Hurricane Maria.

After studying hundreds of years of financial history, I believe America’s upcoming Jubilee will strongly resemble the one that took place in our country way back in 1841…

Back then, the laws were temporarily changed, so debtors could be discharged of their debts… without the consent of the creditors. Over a period of 13 months… more than 40,000 people wiped away their debts before the act was rescinded.

But of course, this time around, the Jubilee won’t be tens of thousands of people like it was in 1841… it will instead be tens of millions of people, and trillions of dollars.

Now, if you don’t think a debt Jubilee is possible in America, you haven’t studied U.S. history… and you aren’t paying attention to the current political climate…

Look at the staggering figures behind student loans alone…

Over the past ten years, students (most of whom are young and have virtually no income) have racked up enormous debts, which currently total about $1.5 trillion.

Incredibly, that’s what our entire federal government owed a little more than 30 years ago.

And these debts have ballooned to absurd amounts. The number of students with debts over $100,000 has quadrupled in the last ten years. Most of this money will never, ever be repaid.

And most Americans don’t realize that the Millennials (who hold nearly 65% of this debt) are now our country’s largest generation, outnumbering Baby Boomers.

Just think about the political implications…

These people have an enormous stake in whether or not a national Debt Jubilee is declared.

You see, when the rich—a very small percentage of the population—get in trouble with debt, it’s an economic problem.

But when the poor and middle class—a huge percentage of the population—get in trouble with debt, it’s a political problem.

And there will be major consequences…

Millions of investors, pensioners, insurance customers, and creditors will lose a fortune.

Stocks will collapse. Dozens of companies will go bankrupt.

Just one quick example of how this problem will affect EVERYONE in America…

Do you remember during the last crisis… the mortgage crisis… how many lenders never bothered to verify the income of people they were lending money to?

Some referred to these as “Liar Loans,” which allowed borrowers to make up whatever income figure they wanted… and get a much more expensive house than they could realistically afford.

Well… believe it or not, the same thing is happening again right now with auto loans.

One company I’ve written about more than a dozen times has made an extraordinary number of these “Liar Loans” for cars. And a recent Bloomberg story says this firm verified the income on only 8% of the loans they made!

And guess what…

Just like the mortgage crisis of 2008, these loans have been packaged up into what are known as “Asset Backed Securities,” and sold to hundreds of mutual funds, insurance companies, investment firms, even state pension plans.

The financial lawyer on my research team found more than 120 entities that own these dangerous “Asset Backed Securities.”

I’m sure you’ll recognize the names:

When the Debt Jubilee arrives, the problems with all this bad consumer debt will hit at once.

Everyone will freak out.

And that’s the biggest problem—the uncertainty.

No one will know for months how it will all get sorted out. So the markets will react violently.

In The American Jubilee, I’ll show you the various ways it could play out.

One proposed scenario comes from Rob Johnson, a former banker, who now runs the Institute of New Economic Thinking. He says:

No one can know exactly how it will be done, but through one mechanism or another, the government will seek to reset the financial system… and they will start by wiping out trillions of dollars in bad debt.

Car companies, homebuilders, credit card companies, insurance firms, banks, other lending institutions, and any business operating with leverage, will take a huge hit.

Stocks will fall considerably. Banks will close. There will be trillions in losses.

In fact, at the end of the day, I believe the losses at an institution like Wells Fargo could be enough to start a bank run.

And this brings me to…

In The American Jubilee, you’ll learn everything you need to know to prepare for this tumultuous time…

First, we’ll provide the ultimate guide to understanding EVERYTHING YOU DO NOT want to own as America’s Jubilee unfolds.

This is important, because there will be huge losses.

A Harvard study showed that during a Debt Jubilee in the 1930s, the U.S. government’s radical changes in the financial system took more than $700 million in a single year from one segment of the population. Another change caused millions of Americans to lose 69% of their savings, practically overnight.

In The American Jubilee, you’ll learn not only what happened in the 1930s… but also what happened during two of America’s other Jubilees, in the 1840s and 1960s. And you’ll learn how other countries have implemented Jubilees of their own…

In 2015, for example, the Croatian government used a Jubilee to erase more than $20 million in debts for 60,000 people. This was money owed to banks, telecom operators, municipal authorities, and utility companies.

Not a single person or investor was refunded for their losses.

And it’s probably no surprise that the stock market went down significantly over the next year.

Keep in mind, the money that I predict will be written off in America’s upcoming Jubilee will likely be 100,000-times higher than what we saw in Croatia (around $2 trillion compared to $20 million).

I have an in-house research team of two accountants, a financial lawyer, and a half-dozen analysts. And we’ve done more work on this subject than anyone else. We’ve studied thousands of companies. We’ve looked at 40,000 corporate bond offerings. And in The American Jubilee…

If you do nothing else, please heed these warnings.

There’s an entire section in this book called: The Safety Fund.

As the next Debt Jubilee unfolds, I want to make sure you know about the small group of stocks you can safely hold, with as much of your investment portfolio as you want.

You see, during the market crash of 2008, a small handful of stocks did not fall at all—they actually went up.

These companies we profile are the most financially stable companies in the world, and they also produce extraordinary returns. One has gained about 200% over the last five years. Another has gained 600% over the same period.

The full list and everything you need to know all starts on page 57 of our new book: The American Jubilee.

There’s so much more you’ll learn too including…

And here’s the best part: You’ll pay just $19 for an advance hardback copy of my new 266-page book. I’ll even cover the shipping costs. (You can get your copy by clicking here.)

Plus, in addition to our new book, I want to send you a special series of Research Reports, at no additional charge.

You see, every market-rattling event such as this creates not only losses, but big winners too.

In the American Jubilee of the 1970s, for example, gold went up over 1,400%. Silver went up over 2,000% in just a few years. And another investment I’m going to tell you how to own in a minute, went up more than 1,800%.

So the next few things I’m going to show you how to do are different… and controversial. I say that because these moves should make you vast amounts of money.

But I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

I don’t want you to be happy that other people are going to get hurt.

But these market moves are going to happen, no matter what. There’s nothing you or I can do to stop it. All you can do is prepare.

That’s why I’ve outlined a series of simple steps in these reports, to help you safely protect what you’ve got… and actually make a lot of money over the next few years:

Now look… what I’ve described to you here—a national Jubilee that could wipe out trillions in debt from irresponsible borrowers, while robbing millions of Americans of their legitimate savings—is EXTREMELY controversial.

I know there’s sure to be a legion of “experts” who will be trotted out on MSNBC and CNN to discredit me and my firm.

They will say the most outrageous things about me.

But I’m not afraid to take on the establishment. I’ve done it many times before…

Just as these events were inevitable, so is America’s next Jubilee.

Huge losses coming. Economists know it. Most of the senior leaders in Washington know it too.

But what can our leaders do?

The crowds are only going to get angrier and more violent.

A Jubilee that wipes out the debts of millions of the working poor and resets the financial system, is the only answer.

Get the facts for yourself. Learn what you can do now.

Today, a hardback copy of The American Jubilee, costs just $19. And like I said, I’ll cover the costs of shipping.

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Why am I doing all this, you might be wondering?

Why am I willing to send you a hardback copy of my brand-new book: The American Jubilee, plus these 4 valuable reports, for just $19?

It’s simple…

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Here’s just a tiny fraction of the notes we’ve received in the past year alone…

Get the facts for yourself today.

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Porter Stansberry
Porter Stansberry
Founder, Stansberry Research
December 2017

P.S. I almost forgot… there’s one more thing I want to send you totally free of charge too. I just checked in on it a few weeks ago. It’s a way to 100% legally hide and protect money from the U.S. government. If you are at all capable of doing this personally, I strongly recommend it. All the details are on the order form here

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