9 Ways To Boost Your Retirement Fund In 2018

Do you feel like you have enough money saved for retirement?

Most Americans report feeling like they have not saved enough for retirement.

In fact, More than one-third — 38% — of Americans don’t feel confident that they are saving enough to retire comfortably, according to a new survey by Capital One Investing, a subsidiary of Capital One Financial (COF).

Fret not! There is still time! There are things you can do right now to not worry about being financially lost in the oblivion of retirement.

Here are 9 Ways To Boost Your Retirement Fund Right Now:

1. Keep Working & Retire Later

Keep working a few years longer, and you won’t have to worry about experiencing a drastic drop in income or quality of life. In fact, you can pour more money into your Social Security Account. After your full retirement age, payments will increase by about 8 percent for each year you delay claiming Social Security up until age 70. After age 70, there is no additional benefit for waiting to sing up for Social Security. Also, you get to keep your employer’s health insurance, which will be a big financial help.


2. You’ll Save $1,100 Every Year If You Stop Buying Coffee Everyday (And Eating Out)

We all love our daily Starbucks, but did you know that daily expenditures like these add up in the long run? Not only Starbucks, eating out in general is a costly habit that eats away at our finances without us realizing it. In fact, according to a recent report, Americans spend approximately $1,100 a year on coffee. That’s a lot of money. Stop splurging on the daily cappuccino (and other daily luxuries) and take that money and put it into your savings account.


3. This (1) Industry Will Be Worth $19 Trillion By 2020 (Buy Stock Now!)

Just because you’re retiring doesn’t mean you have to retire from investing or taking smart calculated risks. At this moment, man has never experienced this much technological change since the dawn of the steam engine. Right now, new technologies are emerging that will change the way people live their daily lives. Investing on the ground floor in companies responsible for this breakneck change is a “once in a lifetime” financial opportunity. One man, former Wall St. Legend and Financial Guru, Paul Mampilly, has discovered the next $19 trillion industry that “will ignite a second Industrial Revolution.” Paul reveals in this exclusive video how to jump on this revolutionary industry.


4. Freedom Checks Are Set To Deliver $34.4 Billion In Payouts — Bigger Than Social Security (Sign Up Before April 1st)

Freedom Checks are little known way for seniors to start collecting retirement money that isn’t Social Security, 401K, or some type of company pension. In fact, Americans from all over the country have received payouts in the thousands, and one-man out of Kansas City was even able to get a $24,000 payout. Thousands of Americans have already signed up for these “Freedom Checks.” Right now, in this exclusive video presentation, Financial Expert Matt Badiali reveals how anyone can start collecting these checks.


5. How 1 Man Turned $50,000 Into $5.3 Million Nest Egg Using A Low Risk Trading Strategy

If a serious stock portfolio is not part of your retirement plan, it’s not too late! Jim Fink, an investment guru and former Wall St. Lawyer, has cracked the code to low risk and high yielding investing. In fact, he turned $50,000 into a massive $5.3 million using a low risk strategy trading options. Today, he’s sharing his breakthrough method with a select few, but the window is closing for you to get on the ground floor right now.


6. Revolutionary Massachusetts Cybersecurity Company Set To Ignite The Next $1 Trillion Industry & Explosive Gains For Early Investors

Investing in rapid technological change is a great way to see your nest egg experience exponential growth in a short amount of time. With the Equifax data breach causing millions of Americans to have their personal data stolen, and Cyber Crime at an all time high, cybersecurity is ready for a “game changing” technological breakthrough. One tiny Massuchesetts-based company is set to unleash a groundbreaking “single line of computer code” that will change cybersecurity forever. One man has the inside knowledge on this company (and it’s ready-to-explode stock). Today, he’s ready to share it with the public in this exclusive video.


7. Refinance Your Home ASAP To Drastically Lower Your Interest Rate (Long Term Retirement Strategy)

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to boost your retirement fund is to make sure you have the right mortgage? Depending how near you are to retirement, refinancing your home can be a great way to lower your Mortgage interest rate, which in turns means lower monthly payments and a wider budget for other life expenses. Not only that, home-refis usually come with a big cash injection you can use for home improvements and refurbishments that will serve you in the long run, especially retirement. Easy Loan connects you with local loan officers and banks to find you the best home mortgage refinance available. They have helped thousands refinance their home and enjoy a comfortable retirement.


8. Learn The Retirement Secrets Of The Man Who Pioneered 401(k)s

No one else in American History has helped more people retire than Ted Benna, the pioneer of the 401(K) savings plan, and who Wall St. calls “The $15 Trillion Man.” Today, he has just revealed his grand new plan to retire sooner, richer, and more comfortable. He’s revealing the little known secrets politicians, celebrities, and the top fund managers in the world use to dramatically — and safely — grow their money in this all-new FREE BOOK.


9. “This ’Next Big Thing’ Will Generate $1.6 Trillion In Economic Opportunity,” According To 34 Top Tech Experts & Insiders (Invest Now Before Stock Price Skyrockets)

Buying tech stocks has been a reliable and stable way for people to beef up their retirement funds for years. No one knows that more than Jeffrey Brown, who has been a Silicon Valley Tech Executive for over 25 years. In 2016, he picked the #1 stock on the S&P 500. Today, in an exclusive video available to a select few for a limited time, he is sharing the #1 investment idea from a private meeting with 34 top tech investors. It’s consequences could be worth up to $1.6 trillion. What he reveals could have already given you the chance to claim gains of 623%, and 1,126% — and that’s just in the beginning.